Загальна інформація кафедри

12 May 2020



The Department of Legal Disciplines was established in February 2012 to ensure the teaching of legal disciplines and scientific research in the legal field.

The legal profession has long been in great demand. After all, jurisprudence, jurisprudence is the cornerstone of the formation and strengthening, and the very existence of any state. It is lawyers and jurists who are guarding order, truth and legality in a civilized society.

The field of activity of a specialist in jurisprudence is associated with the implementation of legally significant actions, analytical and practical work on the application of national and international law and requires a masterful ability to use a new arsenal of legal means in the analysis of any case of the corresponding level of professional culture.

A legal specialist should be able to:

-interpret and apply laws and other normative legal acts;
- correctly qualify acts, facts and circumstances;
-to make legal decisions and carry out other legal actions in strict accordance with the laws;
-conclude and execute legal documents, provide qualified conclusions and consultations.